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You take my breath away

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  • You take my breath away

    You take my breath away

    The first time I saw you, you took my breath away
    I was captivated by your alluring smile
    Seducing me to lose my balance and my way
    Completely enraptured, oblivious all the while

    And as if you could truly read my heart and mind
    Right on cue your regrets were just the same as mine
    You said the world you would have searched my heart to find
    If we were closer in age, vocalizing my deepest fears inside

    You pulled my dreams into another place in time
    When I asked what you wanted from someone like me
    To take me to the place where I was solely yours and you were mine
    You wanted everything, my love, my body, to be free

    The mountains of years between us simply erased
    Our hearts consumed made promises we couldn’t keep
    This sad reality I too would have to face
    As your truthful words of regret cut very deep

    From a distance wanting just to admire you
    I comforted myself with thoughts and dreams of love
    Consoled to behold and enjoy what my eyes viewed
    My wish and fantasy , I couldn’t resolve

    Sadly you disappeared as I reached out for you
    An illusion, such a beautiful broken dream
    Crying, helpless as I watched all I wanted fall through
    The only thing left was my foolish pride to redeem

    By AlexandratheLate (R)