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  • Heal

    A single sharp stroke
    The first cut feels like the deepest
    The pain burns through the skin
    The blood pours like tears of angels
    And many more come
    Lacerating every part of the body
    Tried to restrain yourself, control yourself
    From the demon raging inside of you

    The gap closing over
    A biological bandage over the pain
    So quick and painless, you'd hardly feel
    This is the process to renew again
    The glaring red, look but don't touch
    Let precious time heal every wound
    Some can fade away, but some will stay forever
    Even if you're back together again

    The wounds you created for yourself
    Serve as a reminder of your lost battle
    Over time they can heal but even so
    The scars will remain (deep)

    Remove the burden
    Pick off the remainders of the horrid past
    Fresh new skin, you are healed
    But you will never feel complete again

    Never be the same, always broken