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  • Welcome Bobby

    baby, baby don't you cry
    wipe those tears from you eye
    brothers and sister are still asleep
    mom and dad are counting sheep

    the whole world is well aware
    all things you wish to share
    please be patient my little son
    for your life has just begun

    the joy that you will bring
    will make you a loving king
    in the morning when all awake
    song and dance we shall make

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    A new baby or grand baby, perhaps? Among the sweetest gifts in the world. Congratulations!


    • Clif
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      Thanks, not mine (I wish). My business partner's new son -- 4 of 4. They call me "Clif Man". I love babies.

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    Sweet, insightful poem about a wonderful event. Thank you for sharing.


    • Clif
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      Thank you for your comments. Not my baby, my business partner's. His third child I wrote a note (below). He has 4 kids, all under 5 years old. His mother is Russian to put the note into context. He named his second child after "Sam Houston", third child after "Davy Crocket", and this last child after "Bob Hope". He lives in Texas.



      Welcome to earth, we from the planet of Zanque
      greet you. On your 16th birthday you will be contacted
      by a man in a yellow hat to give you your instructions.
      The fate of the planet is in your hands. I cannot stress
      the importance of your safety. Your mother will teach you
      the Zanque language, she will tell you it is Russian,
      please play along.

      Your Loyal Servant