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  • Feelin' Seedy

    Illusion accomplished using only Fingertipped electric meat inside a head
    Moves me to try to stop make some sense
    Of strange complex stuff I've seen heard read

    Every kid turns looks sees the status quo
    Shakes in shock, says, "No. It has to go."
    Could be there might be a better way to be
    I guess there might be but I don't know

    Sure would like to find a way to live
    That doesn't somehow torment the weak
    A short skint lonely life of savage filth
    Just sounds dreary somber bleak

    Loving joy replaces hostile anger
    In one of one billion cells and grows
    If we have to pick a battle this is mine
    Though what we win nobody knows

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    "...Fingertipped electric meat inside a head..."

    Now that description creates a picture I'm going to have to puzzle over...

    The rest flows more easily for me (had to look up 'skint' - didn't know that word before), and what we win??? Maybe defined by what we're looking for and whether or not it arrives on scene?