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  • Deceiver

    I thought I can trust you
    I thought I had a friend in need
    Since that harsh pitiful act
    You have deceived me

    I thought I can rely on you
    I thought that we can live in peace
    But since you have tainted my mind
    With every lie, as big as your ego
    You have betrayed me

    Never in my life would I feel so let down
    By someone that I thought was a friend
    The events that unfolded, created on a lie
    Deceived and forsaken, the bitter story ends

    Just leave me alone, now
    Don't ever fucking talk to me again
    Don't try to fucking crawl back
    And ask for empty apologies
    I'm through with you
    I don't want to feel the pain again

    By your lies
    By the twisted silent evil in your mind

    This is based on how my half-sister was... until all ties with her and her family were cut years ago after a little lie uncovered (and it involved a marriage). Never forget...

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    Umm I love the poem but I figured I'd mention the use of the word can instead of could.... I do enjoy it but it did subtract from the experience a little bit other than that I loved it


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      That sounds like a whole lot of pain to be carrying around.


      • Bry89
        Bry89 commented
        Editing a comment
        It definitely was back then... but I then shrugged it off my shoulders a couple days later.