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  • Namyh
    Alexandra - I wrote this in recognition of the human resiliency we’ve each been given as a gift, to overcome circumstances which should defeat or kill us. Otherwise, Man would have been dead long ago. Makes me a proud biological member of a species that can rise strong to the occasion when it has to. Just had to write a little about it. Thanks a lot A for stoppin' in to enjoy. Namyh

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  • AlexandratheLate
    So true ‘the grit and jumping in’ for the call of the moment - well done Namyh.

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  • Namyh
    started a topic Call of the moment

    Call of the moment

    Call of the Moment

    When strong is the call, however bleak the moment,
    a leader within rises as the one lone exponent
    to champion Life, both of limb and throne,
    while Doom looms in darkness to gnaw the fallen bones.

    No time for Fear or those common day distractions
    that do weigh us down. Only time for action!
    No time for pondering or asking why.
    The deed must be done and it’s yours to try or die!

    What leaps from the shadows into the hearts of men
    that’s courageous to protect and defiant to defend?
    It lunges out a pit dug by trembling Despair
    where sins and fractured failures whisper doubts into your ear.

    It charges with a sword to cleave those Fears made real
    from your mind, now that’s fearful, needing fearless nerves of steel
    to clench the fists and muscle, to make the backbone steady,
    to plant the feet and grit the teeth and make your leader ready.
    It leaps from your heights with Conviction held in hand
    to plunge into your pulsing heart embattled to take a stand.
    Any cracks in human spirit will bathe in its Faith that seals
    and Courage won’t leak from cowards on the open battlefields.

    Resist what resists in you, for it undermines your gain.
    Make it kneel vanquished at your thrones of fleeting Fame
    and you will reign empowered to make your Soul and Mind
    defeat all Dooms of darkness when the moment calls next time.