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  • Lines Of Reality

    The pale sky is a canvas
    Lacking natural bliss
    Take the pencil and draw
    Replace what was lost

    Fine sketches in mind
    New stories in between the lines
    Artistic skill becomes the sword
    Reality starts to take form

    When the world feels old and empty
    Redraw the lines of reality
    A modern masterpiece, yet so strange
    But it is what I embrace

    Abstract ideas and shades of grey
    Everyday life done in my own way
    It's beautiful but it's still not perfect
    At least I've erased the human defect

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    This one intrigues me...character is often formed in the humanness of situations...which includes defects. Some, depending on how they shape us, bring beauty and change through the pain. I don't know if I'd want to erase that. If you erase the history, how would you ever understand how or why things happened?

    But I also like the idea of a fresh start, so...

    Interesting reflection this invokes.