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  • We Live , They Die

    We Live , They Die ( c ) Glen Mitton 2022

    Happy New Year everybody , my how time fly's
    In less than six months , it will be the 4th of July !
    On that day we celebrate 246 yrs of independence
    For the evil goblin globalists , that's a life sentence !
    Speaking of jail time , these traitors are sweating
    They've come to realize their caught in their own netting
    So here's to another year of showing tyranny , " there is no debate "
    We will face it any which way head on and won't hesitate
    " Toast " , to another year of " Liberty and Justice "
    Our Forefathers and Generations past , expect it from us
    After all they did lay the foundation , " In God We Trust "
    Speaking of generations from 1776 , we're 8.2 in that regard *
    If you figure 1 gen. is 20-30 yrs , the math isn't hard **
    8.2 generations old ! and still going strong !
    Because we know where our heart belongs
    With God , this Country and the United States Constitution
    The " REAL " new world " LAW and ORDER " Institution
    That's not a lump in your throat , that's phlegm !
    Because it comes down to either Us or them
    " Peggy's " in your throat for only one reason
    " Not because of a man made bug , It's winter silly 'tis the season "
    We must prevent false prophets bringing in destructive heresies
    Whether it be Technocracy or a Man Made Disease
    We overcome by " Living Our Lives in Harmony "
    The Resonance will Reverberate , that is the key
    We are attuned ! , this is a war of " Attrition "
    Our " Life-force" , is our ammunition
    Stock piled since the " Garden of Eden "
    That my friend is all we be needing
    So I've figured out how to overcome " their awful lies "
    2022 will be the year , " We Live , They Die "
    That little blip on their evil " oscilloscope "
    Will flat-line along with all their hope ,
    Of destroying this Country and it's true meaning
    We are " One Nation Under God , Indivisible , with no further screening

    Happy New Year

    * 2022 - 1716 = 246 รท 30 = 8.2


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    This one has got a militant air...but patriotism rings through more loudly. There are indeed strange forces on display at every turn these days. I'm not minding that it's a new year, at all.