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Phlosphy in the alleghenies

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  • Phlosphy in the alleghenies

    phlosphy in the alleghenies

    some give up
    some wander down to the allegheny
    hold the dobsonfly
    fingertips with fishhooks
    shallow water
    walleye, bass and clam
    you can see the green on the crags
    comfort and moonshine
    navigate the chanle up stream
    crazies plunge from the bridge
    the water hole is camouflaged
    grey spiders spawn
    leap off the rocks
    near the rail crossing and general store
    the boat propeller is sheared
    we laugh and engage the rapids
    pushing the skiff
    july is abundant
    fireworks reflect off the water
    steaks embedded with embers
    crayfish boiled in beer
    safe in these moments we feel
    but kinzua is releasing
    the rate of current increasing
    the sun is past sinking
    us being stoned
    trip of the white man ending
    start rehersing the finalie
    the fire fly against the night is contending
    and the lush soft mountains of the east
    colapse like a pillow
    cradeling a fat head

    the second