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Meet me in Dubai

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  • Meet me in Dubai

    Meet me in Dubai

    Baby please meet me in Dubai
    Where the sounds and sites mystify
    We’ll have our breakfast in the sky
    All delights will Intensify

    I want to hold you in my arms
    Enjoy all your wonderful charms
    Your heart will never come to harm
    My kiss will subdue your alarms

    Together we’ll have a great time
    It will be once in a lifetime
    Our time together will be sublime
    an opportunity divine

    Please fulfill my love denied
    Say you’ll consent to be my wife
    make me the happiest man alive
    I’ll show you the time of your life

    words by Mishael Sathe
    Written and registered By AlexandratheLate (R)
    Last edited by AlexandratheLate; 01-03-2022, 04:42 PM.

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    Pretty intriguing galavanting you're doing in your poetic musings these days AtL. Keep it coming!


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      Thank you RLW. I was asked to go on a date in Dubai and I so wanted to go but due to the pandemic, I made the decision not to go.


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        Thank you very much TS for the like.