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  • Forgive us


    Forgive me, my bearer
    For sharing this with the world
    Your stubborn love
    The loss of those teachers and partners
    That brought us together
    Holding you up, drumming you down
    Boring conversations taking sides
    Cutting through me
    Your weary, gazing eyes
    Across the pillow asking why
    Spirits of yesterday spilt
    Lost in a basement, the bottle of time
    A shallow well of wishes and magic
    I hope for you no boundaries
    May you be able to travel again
    The holiday has left us lonely though
    The poinsettia, your life on the bed
    I am here for only a little while
    By your side like you by mine
    Distance is the only excuse for absence
    I have no excuses for my absence
    Just memories that will haunt me
    I did love you, me a child
    Not understanding
    Still I love you as a man
    Our arguments were shots of remedy
    Stinging from the moment
    Curing and sustaining our lives
    If ever I hurt you
    It was not meant to keep
    But now we must journey
    To find inner peace
    So forgive and forget If you find
    Forever and ever and ever
    And ever
    Us fast asleep

    The second

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    Regrets, apologies and life - I thought you did a beautiful job in expressing those thoughts and emotions.


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      Trespasses...we accumulate them, hopefully with regret - this poetic plea weaves a beautiful apology.