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  • Recognition

    A symbol of hope
    A rising star
    A man on top
    I can go far

    I'm recognised
    I'm a celebrity
    For a brief moment
    It completes me

    I have achieved
    I have endeavoured
    Now I step up to the stage
    A day to remember

    But that's all there is
    In this hollow life
    Everything else was in ruin
    But I'll leave it all behind


    A person broken
    A fading light
    A great nervousness
    I know the reasons why

    But again, I recognised
    I'm a celebrity
    For another moment
    But it's not for me

    I have faltered
    I have wasted my time
    Avoid the stage and clapping hands
    I'm nothing more than a lie

    That's what I am
    In this hollow, depressing life
    Everything now lies in ruin
    My worries, my failure
    At least I can leave it all behind

    One part was when I accepted a school award, and the other is what would've happened if I got another one (where given of what I went through later in my school days, I would've wanted to turn it down).

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    I think this kind of awareness can only come with having lived the life - and great good comes from knowing oneself this well. Kind of excited to see where you're going to take this...