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  • Tempest

    I feel the wind of change
    To my face
    It's not that I'm healed
    It's the rain I feel
    Onto tired skin
    Depression sets within
    The storm won't let up
    Until I finally come home

    I feel the wind of rage
    And I try to brave
    Through harsh conditions
    Not my volition
    Frosted ground, my senses freeze
    White snow, never to be seen
    The storm will never give it up
    Even when I am close to home

    Evil wind, take me away
    Evil wind, you won't go away
    Evil dark wind, I feel your decay
    Just give me rest for the day

    I feel the storm inside
    Bursting through my mind
    Never near, never even close
    To what I thought was home
    Left outside for nothing
    Amidst the shadows and lightning
    I'll call for sunshine, take this pain away
    I'll shout down the moon
    Until there's such thing as a brighter day

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    Your writing of least these few pieces I'm getting to very effecting...powerful, adamant, demanding. Enjoying the reads.


    • Bry89
      Bry89 commented
      Editing a comment
      I've gotten better, as you can see

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    Very powerful emotions described here. Nicely done.


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      that was perfect