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  • Fragile

    Shiny stars see themselves round the curve
    While some are hung up at the gate
    Been prayin' seven years for patience
    Hope tomorrow's worth all of the wait

    Look to have spiritual unity
    Expressed by the end of the year
    In a tangible sign there might be
    Waves of love to wash away fear

    Invisible magic in a forgotten tone
    Clothing itself with a brain
    Works to increase the synaptic strength
    Of all of the links in the chain

    For a moment a window is open
    The chance for a sudden leap
    By some long distance ideas
    That bubble up when we're asleep

    Imperfect, incomplete accounts emerge
    Lyrical testaments of sacred pain
    Coalesced to arouse an ambition
    Expressed in a manner some call humane

    Fertile soil for a thinking layer
    Spread out evenly along all the curves
    The guts hum and glow and start to grow
    Some way to hold together some of the nerves

    Unpredictable and unforgettable
    Circumstances, good will, and some grace
    Ordinary things of enormous value
    Flourish in time and space

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    I hear "HOPE"! Beautiful! Needs more than one reading for I'll be back for sure.

    Nice work.


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      This had a ‘stop and smell the roses’ feel to it. Very nice. Thank you.