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  • A Drinfhdg so c f!

    Even though you didn’t ask

    Here's another drinking song

    Forgive me, please, if it goes

    On and on a little long

    Or if I forget the words

    Or if I sing too damn loud

    Or if it doesn’t make sense

    Remember, I’m plowed

    Find the bottom of every

    Cup, bottle, and glass

    Before you know it

    You're drunk off your ass

    Have two or three at a time

    Try to drink your fill

    Even though you never have

    And you know you never will.

    Have a few with your friends

    Then have a few more

    But don’t be surprised

    When you wind up on the floor

    That’s how it is now

    How it’s always been

    Just crawl up to the bar

    And do it again

    Those berries drive me crazy

    When they start to turn

    I'm old enough to know

    I'm never gonna learn

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    And yet you made it rhyme??? Though I've not been one to tip the bottle easily or often (never did agree with me, which may be a blessing in disguise), this is a great rolling rhyme and those last two lines??? Perfection.