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Are you a Minnow - Are you a Whale?

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  • Are you a Minnow - Are you a Whale?

    Are You a Minnow - Are You a Whale?
    A daily Question for Anyone Male.
    Like Open Waters or only Small Spaces?
    There All the Time or just Certain Cases?

    Like Breathing Room and Wide Open Air?
    Hide in a Cave like Small Snoring Bear?
    Are You a Showoff - Are you Quite Shy?
    Are you Content or have Fish to Fry?

    Whoever you Are - Content in your Skin?
    Face with a Snarl or With a Grin?
    A main Decision for All of You Chiefs,
    Is it a Day for Boxers or Briefs?

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    I had no idea that a man's world could be full of such a decision...and so humorously played out!

    You make me smile with every single post you write. I thank you for that!


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      Although a distant second to women - we “do” have our daily traumatic situations.