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Reduce Speed During Wet Conditions

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  • Reduce Speed During Wet Conditions

    Long day

    Long week

    Another long year

    Worn out from trying

    To stay stronger than the fear

    Four miles from home

    Dreaming of my bed

    No time to consider

    It's no good if I'm dead



    Trees are coming fast

    Make this thought a good one

    Because it might be your last

    "Well, shit," I think, "bet this is going to hurt."

    Open my eyes

    All is quiet and still

    Will someone come to get me?

    I don't think that they will

    On the lonely side of nowhere

    In the middle of the night

    Not another soul for miles

    Just like I wanted, right?

    Still got four good tires

    And an engine that'll run

    Little luck and I'll make it

    Home before I see the sun

    Three days later

    Time to share the news

    Look down to see I'm

    Still wearing the same shoes

    "What the fuck is wrong with you?"

    Like I even have a clue

    I don't know why I mess up

    It's just something that I do

    I could have a hundred backpacks

    From the shit-together store

    Add another hundred

    And then five hundred more

    Still wouldn't be enough

    To hold all of my mistakes

    It's like I'm made of feet

    And the world is made of rakes
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    Wow! I like all of this, but that last stanza...particularly the closing two lines...are outstanding!

    So glad you're writing and sharing in the zone again regularly! Keep it coming!


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      Thank you, Paula. I had been too busy to write much and found myself wishing for some time off. Then I was in an automobile accident. I'm grateful that I wasn't seriously injured and that I'm still around to write . . . but I probably won't ask the universe for any more favors for a while.


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        Happy and relieved to hear you are still among the living and writing crowd. Another day, another breath? Another chance and perhaps, another poem?