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A Robot Back Hand

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  • A Robot Back Hand

    Had an Itch upon My Back,
    Way to Scratch it Did I Lack.
    Robot Hand you Brainiac,
    Wear it Like a Fanny Pack.

    Door Frame, Scissors, a Yard Stick,
    Need Relief – Need it Quick.
    Carpet Wiggle – Garden Rake,
    Inadequate for Heaven’s Sake.

    Strap it On when Going Out,
    My invention You will Tout.
    Scratch that Itch while Standing/Sitting,
    Pat your Back when It is Fitting.

    God must Not have Had this Issue,
    Itch upon his Back Side Tissue.
    If he Had he Would have Planned,
    All to Have a Long Tail Hand.

  • #2
    Oh my...I keep a back scratcher handy for just this parents had several they bought as souvenirs. There's even a retractable style that my grandkids bought at the local museum's gift shop.

    Creative rhyming, as always, Bob!


    • #3
      I have never owned one of those - doesn't say much for my problem solving genes. Instead - I have utilized all of the inadequate means listed in the Rhyme.


      • #4
        You kids. A door frame was good enough for me and for my father and for his father before him.

        Also, if you start passing out robot hands I suspect people will use them for all sorts of wicked purposes.


        • #5
          Guess there would have to be two robot hands - a good one to slap the bad one?