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  • Reflecting

    When I was growing up, I don’t think I had company or any friends at all,
    Not even my father was around to teach me how to play football,
    I guess I could say I was on my own, always so alone,
    My Little brother was too young, and the other was too old,
    My grandpa got the title “Daddy”,
    He helped raise me along with my momma and my granny,
    But granny’s gone now, and I know where she is,
    She’s in heaven with the angels, been watching over us ever since,
    She had beautiful white hair, and was always there to comfort me when I cried,
    She always took me to church and I think she’s the one who got me baptized,
    But I had to leave, lived with my aunty for 2 years, she the best!
    ‘member she’d wake me every night to pee so I don’t wet my bed 😂,
    Moved back in with my momma in a house of our own,
    I liked living in the hills, was starting to call the place “home”,
    Heard my father was found hanging around, he went through the portal,
    I never knew the guy so I didn’t go to his funeral,
    Then my brother got me into drugs, we smoked some weed,
    Glad I didn’t get addicted, I don’t have to blow a spliff just so I can eat,
    I was doing great in school, grades were high but my self-esteem low,
    I always kept a smile so my depression didn’t show,
    Was probably 13 when I contemplated suicide,
    Knew exactly why I was and I hated being alive,
    I couldn’t let myself be like my father, couldn’t be so weak,
    I endured being unstable in the mind and emotionally,

    Been in a box for over 3 years and everything’s changed,
    I’m far from my family but it’s done good for my brain,
    Met some kids like myself and now were brothers,
    We have a lot in common and we always help each other,
    They taught me to play football and basketball too,
    And we all agreed and went back to school,
    I’ve done great things, everything’s going fine, it is,
    But I can’t forget about my problems, yes, those still exist,
    I might have to keep a piece for protection on my side,
    Because I’m not finna let you take my life.

    Yours Truly,

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    Hard times...but some good times in there too...and it sounds like you're building skills and a support network, which is something everyone needs in life.


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      Loved the growth and process of change - very honest. Thank you for sharing.


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        Great stuff, a lot sad. I kind of like Pollyanna, to always be happy. I care for the things in life and curse the world for not caring, or maybe that I cannot see the caring. I care.