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    The letter to my lifeless kids is as cringe as my face fucked up as it is
    Jasons waking up in this with these fists of flames with a plates of baked guts fizz in a piz
    I can't take help in hell yelp but take up my melted welts to strut up in a tux to cuss in the face of my dusty dates lust
    Rack into my black and blue favorite chucks to fuck my bitches make up, up
    While white light stings my eye things writing of exciting fighting Viking Kings
    Lightning brings the mighty sites of violated rights to fighting and rioting
    Riled up feathers fling from flapping cracking wings
    My lack of syringes jacks in my arm tracts seen breaking my eyes bleeding black as they roll back
    Like souls of foes fold woes to those who overdose so sober and gross the worlds oh so toast

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    I'll say welcome to the Forum and leave it at that.


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      Welcome and enjoy your stay