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  • Omicron - Moronic

    Omicron - Moronic ( c ) Glen Mitton 2021

    Talk about insult to injury
    This Anagram will be OUR victory
    They've Poisoned the " Wellness Oasis "
    With their malicious " Epistasis " *
    This of course is " Mental Turmoil "
    " Outrageous Aligned " and " Purposeful "
    A " Distraction " from the truth
    As they sink their fangs into OUR youth
    The corrupt evil scientist have made a bet
    With the devil himself robbing the Greek alphabet
    " Omicron " or " Omega " means the end
    Why then choose this name my friend ?
    Evil is wagering on the " Rapture to capture "
    These demons can not heal , they only fracture
    This is their pathetic pitiful way
    To disrupt life and rule the day
    I never have or feared , " their death "
    So I will continue with my last breath
    I pray this poem to be Unanimous
    Because God's Spirit is Magnanimous

    * noun: the suppression of a gene by the effect of an unrelated gene

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    Love, love, love the title. I would not have caught that w/out your poetry. Thank you.