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  • Eyes Upon the Parade

    Eyes Upon the Parade ( c ) Glen Mitton2021

    A common ceremonial procession
    That no one was in possession
    A succession for anyone and all
    One of many festivals in the Fall
    It's nice , that a city can still " fudge it "
    While working within their budget
    Surely nothing to , " grab your goat "
    Just some marching tunes banners and floats
    A traffic detour that was " Announced "
    So argumentative headaches could be " bounced "
    " I'm sure I am safe to say "
    " This idiot went out of his way "

    Unlike the " Grince " , the devil is real
    And this " action " does appeal
    He fevers in these festive times
    It's easy for him to enter minds
    As easy as say , " A mapped out parade route " !
    He just whispers , no need to shout
    Instantly this idiot became a " minion "
    This of course is my own opinion
    This person made the choice himself
    To enter the world where evil dwells
    No hesitation behind the wheel
    He alone controlled his " heel "

    With no imagination using , " the mortal's crucible "
    The devil hits below the belt , as usual
    He has conjured yet another neighbor
    To do his bidding in his favor
    An enemy with no distinctive face
    A human being of any race
    Any participant in this " soft Parade "
    Brainwashed into thinking , it's all a charade
    This is nothing avant-garde
    The devil relies on his " drawing cards "
    A conscience mind willing to let go
    His and only his , eternal soul

    In " whoville " we know who we are
    People made stronger by another scar
    We can make the devil powerless
    By starving him of souls to ingest
    We must disregard and seek the glory
    The USUAL ending to this sort of story
    By continuing with the " Business of Living "
    By honoring the fallen and by forgiving
    Fear is the devil's final component
    That's why this idiot couldn't face his opponent
    How do I function ? , " wink wink nudge nudge "
    The next " grand marshal " will be his judge

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    That was a sad, sad affair...particularly because I bet all of those gathered were there to enjoy happy memories and make I remember growing up when towns had a parade tradition on special days.

    Instead, it turned into tragedy.