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  • Vengeance

    Every word that you say
    Every insult that you make
    You will pay

    Every action that you do
    Every push that cuts me through
    You will fucking pay

    Every rumour that spreads
    Every problem unsaid
    I've had enough

    Every bout of hate I endure
    Evil lurks in these corridors
    I'm so insecure
    And now, I've fucking had enough

    (On your knees)
    (Pray to God)
    (If you even believe)

    Once I hide into the shadows
    Of my sorrow
    I'll return, but I'll be the only one
    Standing here
    It's time to take revenge
    On every of my enemies
    Relieve myself
    Release myself
    From this eternal fear

    I want to cut apart your fucking face
    I want to bite into your rotten soul
    I want each of every one of you dead
    In the name of sweet vengeance
    I would not be wanting to do any of this
    If all of you just left me alone

    I think everyone that endured years of bullying in their school years can relate to this... and yes, the level of profanity was intended, of how I felt about my experiences at the time.
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    Sounds like the quiet kid wrote it...


    • Bry89
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      Seung-Hui Cho springs to mind...

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    powerful words of pain and anger


    • Bry89
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      Exactly what I had planned...

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    Probably not a good thing i know who that is


    • Bry89
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      We all do. But how many knew of Pekka-Eric Auvinen? He was just as bad...