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  • More questions than answers

    Where did everyone go
    Why is time moving so slow
    Why are there tears in the night
    Do people need to fight the fight

    Where did they go when I called
    How'd they show up after I stalled
    Why did I have to break and survive
    if they broke to and they aren't alive

    I should have been me circles my mind
    If I died would the pain stop in kind

    Where did the joy from childhood go
    How'd this pain get a hold get through
    Why do I break and no one can see

    Why is breath so heavy and tears light
    Why do I write to leave and forget again
    Is there a god a joy a life beyond here
    or is the afterlife an endless hell for me
    These question fill my mind as I load the gun
    one shot two I've left this life ended the game

    Note- I'm fine.