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  • Influence

    Under the spell of you
    Taking pleasure to all the things you do
    You make me someone I couldn't be
    A new way of life, of only you and me

    Whisper me your thoughts
    Corrupt me with all that you have got
    Make me forget of who I used to be
    A new world of deviance, the best for me

    Deadly influence
    Fatal sacrifice
    (In the name of love)

    Everything that I was
    Stripped away, nailed to the burning cross
    Disregard the past, my hate, my fake friends
    With you, my love, I'm now just like you
    Always together, lives entwined, until the end

    I'm a believer of the notion that if someone gets a girlfriend/boyfriend, their personality may change under their influence. At the same time, that person may be willing to sacrifice their life for theirs. I know I would... if I have someone special by my side.