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    Medusa's Media (c ) Glen Mitton2021

    Why does the media get to call a " Fair Trial " a " Conflict " ?
    When " They " don't like a juror's verdict !
    When " Medusa's Media " leaves the station
    We all suffer as a Nation
    Unbais coverage for the prosecution
    Talk about disrespect and " noise pollution " !
    " Unbridled Poisoned Opinions "
    The news-outlets is evil's dominion
    Where is " Perry White or Lou Grant " when you need them to abort ?
    These unwanted reports
    At least the weather guy has enough sense to call it 50/50
    These wolves give new meaning to the word " shifty "
    They really don't have any class
    Why then do they get a pass ?
    This is coercion at it's worse
    Televised egos on evil's purse
    If you or I said those things on air
    They wouldn't be so " debonair "
    We'd be cited for inciting a riot
    Why do they get to be on a , " Justice Diet "
    WWCD , What would Walter Cronkite do ?
    If he were here doing the news
    With " Evil Perry " and " Evil Lou " around
    Unleashing the " doberman " news hounds
    Corrupt puppets with dilated pupils
    With no boundaries and with no scruples !
    The Edward R. Murrow Award ? , forget it not even considered
    All they care about is being disruptive and bitter
    Joseph Goebbels would of been so proud
    " Ya , keep telling the lies long enough and loud "
    " Feet have been injured ! , bring in the medics in a hurry " !
    It's " Poetic Justice " for me ! , for trying to sway a jury
    I think that " Blindfolded Lady Justice " deserves a big hug
    Along with a pair of matching ear plugs !

    The Verdict is in

    FYI :
    Lady Justice's blindfold represents Impartiality
    She holds a scale represent weighing the merits of one side against the other
    She holds a sword for the enforcement of justice or judgment.
    She stands on a snake that represents evil