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Just Listen (or Read) (Repost)

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  • Just Listen (or Read) (Repost)

    I try to keep it lit with these lyrics that I spit,
    But they won't Listen to me anyway 'cause they think I'm still a kid,
    I came from the midst of the dark 'cause that's where I found my spark,
    I'm just tryna do my part I'm not tryna leave a mark,
    And what's up with these kids? 'cause with them i can't mix,
    got some problems I can't fix, but I ain't falling for his tricks,
    I'm recording from a cage, but this ain't what she made,
    This life is just a game, don't be depressed 'cause I'm the one to blame.

    And it's true, all the things we've been through,
    trying to hold on to all the things I remember 'bout you,
    It was cool but the whole time i tried not to blow a fuse,
    How i mused about all the things that we used to do,
    And no, I haven't been alright, I just can't seem to grow,
    And I didn't mean to hurt you, I swear, I didn't know,
    Haven't done this in so long that i thought I lost my flow,
    And I'm sorry i got you waiting so long for me to come home,
    Like, I've been trying to do my best, but they perceive me as a pest,
    Got no time for me to rest, and about their problems I care less,
    Have ideas that don't click and all this talk is making me sick,
    So many choices, I can't pick, can't change my fate just roll with it,
    To the changes I adapt, I'm unique and that's a fact,
    Pay no attention to the past, if you do you'll end up last,
    Broken heart don't need a cast, "love ain't shit!", no don't say that,
    And you don't need to ask 'cause you know that I'll come back.

    Got so many masks that I don't know which one's the real me,
    That smile on your face is what I think of lately,
    Was surprised when you told me that you hated me,
    Cuts on your wrists, I feared for your safety,
    Was blinded by my pride so I couldn't see,
    Was controlled by that monster, don't you agree?
    Wasn't in control of my voice so I couldn't speak,
    At that time love was the only thing that I was in need....

    Yours Truly,

    Just getting back at it, sorry I haven't been active lately... Gonna post some more stuff soon!

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    Your always a kid or an old man.and all the while you know "nothing"