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Lonley broken tooth

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  • Lonley broken tooth


    My lonely tooth
    Broken at root
    Steep city street

    Now that we’re here
    Over or under a bridge
    Dark and discarded we meet

    I’ll love you this time
    Last in my mind
    Here, my final defeat

    I carried a load
    Buried and sowed
    Tasted bitter and sweet

    Drank all the night
    Drenched in spirit and wine
    Spoiled a demon and saint

    Sang while we danced
    Before the sun shined
    Wildfires grew faint

    I know dark before light
    Fake is the night
    Follow me without taint

    Lay like the land
    Shifting as wind pushed sand
    Dreams of love we paint

    You want me as yours
    Cleaned and procured
    Shipped like northern bound freight

    In a district of yards
    Before spread tarot cards
    My palms read, reading I hate

    Might not be in charge
    The river the barge
    Steel Daddy checked off the slate

    Concrete to settle
    Gun barrel metal
    The rock
    The spear
    The arrow
    The powder of black
    Big kettle knocked

    The broken tooth trail
    Indian brail
    Last of the native fait

    The second