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  • Gratitude

    When the darkness got hold of me
    You were there, to take it away
    When I was lost, or if things got too much
    You have made me the man
    That I am today

    If emotion ever gets to me
    You were always at my rescue
    For all the kindness and decency
    That you have given to me
    I just want to say...
    Thank you

    Thank you for everything

    My best friend
    My guardian angel
    My catharsis, my hope
    My gratitude

    If time was ever kinder to me
    We could've been brother and sister
    For all eternity
    Even if things couldn't be taken further
    As much as I wanted to
    You have left a legacy
    In my heart, in my soul
    And I just want to say...

    (I love you) Thank you
    (I love you) Thank you for everything

    This is dedicated to a special someone during my school days, who I would've had as a girlfriend... for all the good she had done regarding my anxiety and stress in certain situations. Even though it never happened, at least I got companionship from her that way.

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    So heartfelt and such a beautiful way to express your appreciation. Well done my poet friend!