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Love Is A Flower

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  • Love Is A Flower

    Love is like a flower
    Standing strong in the wind
    It's beauty and feeling
    Lies deep within

    A smiling face
    Opened, just for me
    Is this my delusion
    Or is this reality?

    A sweet, scarlet rose
    For the chosen one
    I can admire you and cherish you
    A new era has begun

    From the April morning
    To a cold November
    I hope our time together can survive
    But nothing lasts forever

    My time with you
    Beauty in bloom
    Your moment with me
    An absurdity

    She loves me, or she does not
    My future is picked away
    Until there's nothing left
    All gone to waste

    Like all living things
    Love dies, watch it burn
    Its remains deep beneath the soil
    Never to return

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    Love is fictitious desire misconstrued as an emotion... Thats just my thoughts I mean if you can't tell if somethings real dose it matter if its not