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Beauty And Sorrow

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  • Beauty And Sorrow

    This warm presence
    She is the one
    This pretty smile
    Friendship has begun

    This lovely face
    The light amongst the waves
    The future I can see
    The girl I can relate

    Eyes of kindness
    If I am hurting
    The distant embrace
    My soul is burning

    With you
    My heart is set free
    With you, my dear
    I am complete

    Beautiful shades of black
    There's no turning back
    With you, I feel I'm going somewhere

    (And then, it fades away...)

    This cold presence
    This can't be true
    The resentment, the hate
    What's happened to you?

    My love, my anger
    Emotions have frayed
    All our memories destroyed
    It should not have been this way

    Without you
    I'm broken, I'm severed
    Without you, my love
    Got to live with this, forever

    Malicious shades of black
    The ruin, we can't go back
    Without you, I feel I'm going nowhere

    Beauty and sorrow
    A bright future
    Or no tomorrow
    My life in disarray

    (And then, the silence...)

    When all was lost
    And after the fighting
    There's now the silence
    There's now nothing

    My love, my emptiness
    It's just not the same anymore
    My actions, my mistakes
    What am I to live for?

    I hope I'm forgiven
    Stitch up open wounds
    Relieve the pain
    As long as the darkest times
    Are best forgotten
    I hope we can meet again
    My love

    This is dedicated to someone I knew from my school days who started off as a good friend (and would'ved liked her as a girlfriend at one point), until she became a bitter enemy following a horrid dispute, and then of us not talking until the "farewell" event, where she was a friend to me again (but since then, haven't heard from her again).