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Regarding Turkeys this Year

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  • Regarding Turkeys this Year

    The Turkey is the Dumbest Bird -
    Ugly just to Boot.

    Call them By some Other Name -
    One of them Ain't "Cute."

    Red Flap lays Upon their Snout -
    Fact you Just can't Miss.

    Courting Time when In the Air -
    How do they Even Kiss?

    Strut around with Tails all Puffed -
    Like they're the Chosen Few.

    Surely Sing a Different Tune -
    If they Only Knew.

    Are around For just One Role -
    Really is Their Fate.

    Cooked and With the Massive Food -
    Piled upon A Plate!

    Seems this Year in Short Supply -
    Really in Demand.

    Beware of Compliments and Such,
    To your Ego Fanned.

    If you’re Told how Great you Look,
    On a Given Day.

    Don’t believe What they May Say,
    And Run the Other Way!