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  • White Dress

    Mystery woman
    I see you
    On both your knees
    While you look pretty

    The darkness surrounds
    I see it clear
    Is this real or is this illusion?
    I'm in love anyway

    A dress so white
    Yet its not so perfect
    What's the situation, I wonder
    Or is this for expression?

    Beauty, pale and sick
    You turn me on
    I have you now, locked in memory
    I have you now, in my arms

    This is based on a very strange encounter with a pretty young woman who, in a public park, wore a wedding dress and had herself surrounded with pigeons. She happened to be a model which explains why :P

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    Don't run across that situation every day...but I like how you took what you saw and turned it into a narrative...a bit enigmatic and capturing the sense of surreal you must have felt observing.