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  • Take it all

    fear anxiety tears in my eyes
    seems okay on inside she cries

    brave strong true okay she thinks
    meanwhile her friend slowly sinks
    takes it all every drop of pain at once
    then despite pain its a smile he fronts
    listens to her every problem even then
    he holds that pain it drives him insane

    he breaks and still takes pain's
    left all alone bond in emotions chains

    tangled in a web of dread no fear
    no one can let me out of here
    chaos normal sit in the rain
    and still I take on more pain

    I'm tough I can take it but i already broke
    can't feel the pain at it causes me to choke
    still i take all I can before I'm forced to go
    if I'm to walk down the stairs of hell then put on a show
    I take all her pains all of the broken i call a friend
    and take there pains with me in the end
    begin to black out again and start to fade
    but say no words and through no shade

    I take what I can nod my head and smile
    Tell them I love them have to go a while