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In Two Thousand Years

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  • In Two Thousand Years

    Forward Time Two-Thousand Years,
    Here will be My Biggest Fears.
    Digging gently With a Cup,
    That some Crew will Bring me Up.
    Then they’ll Put me On Display,
    Here’s what Visitors might Say:

    “What’s that Hanging ‘tween His Legs,
    What’s it Used for Question Begs?”

    “Ain’t his Stature kind of Small,
    We all Average Eight Feet Tall?”

    “Seems his Legs are Stuck to Him,
    We replace on Moments Whim.”

    “Man, that Brain is Kind of Tiny,
    Ours is Larger than Our Heine.”

    “Just Four Holes for Sight and Sound,
    Not like Ours placed All Around.”

    “Spoke one Language while Alive,
    We’re now Born with Twenty-Five.”

    “How Barbaric – Mouth with Teeth,
    We Self Feed from Underneath.”

    ‘Course they’ll Break down Bones to See,
    Just what Compounds made up Me?
    When they Get the Results Back,
    They might Ask, “What’s a Big Mac?”
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  • #2 have a VIVID imagination, my friend! Smiled all the way through this futuristic take on what is and what might be...


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      Thank you!


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        Very nice. Strange but nice.


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          My 76 year old brain can be that way sometimes. Thank you for your comment.