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Ayers Rock ? , Our Rock !

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  • Ayers Rock ? , Our Rock !

    Ayers Rock ? , Our Rock ! ( c ) Glen Mitton 2021

    There stands Australia like a " Stonewall " , Ayers Rock in fact
    Rally behind her before she gets sacked
    " Down Under " does not mean "Down and Out "
    " Ulura " is calling , stand up and shout
    I know it beckons me to do something
    I can hear it's cry for help and everything
    Notice they pick on the little guy first
    This is " Totalitarian Aggression " at it's worst
    Ossie and Harriet would never let this happen
    Why stand still for " Aussie and Sharon " ?
    They pulled their teeth and moved right in
    Just like WE said THEY WOULD from the beginning
    This attack is literally by evil men and corrupt scientist
    " Let's see you do that here , where I'm at , you methodical egotist "
    Rally behind the Australians with heart and perseverance
    They need OUR thoughts and prayers of reassurance
    Australia like America is a Country that is FREE
    Rally behind her and the countrymen like ME
    For every one of us " Aborigines of Earth "
    We better make up OUR minds what it's worth
    " Down Under " doesn't mean that they are lost
    It only means they're " Under the Southern Cross "

    " Just a friendly " seppo " saying

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    grant hayes This makes me think of Grant and his postings...he's from there. I wonder how that long-lost poet is doing?

    PS - didn't know that slang - "seppo" - thanks.

    Nicely penned, GM.