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  • Life (The Game)

    Playing Russian roulette with six rounds in the cylinder,
    Asking myself, “why am I playing a game so sinister?”
    Because it’s the same thing compared to our lives,
    No matter how hard we try,
    No matter how many times we spin the cylinder,
    When we pull the trigger, BANG!! We die,
    So sad, so very sad,
    So many die being nothing more than a high school grad,
    Am I supposed to be mad?
    Maybe, I mean, it could’ve been me,
    But it wasn’t, and it doesn’t mean that I’m free,
    Looking down the barrel pointed at myself,
    See the bullet that would end the game, death,
    Only one way to escape our demise, point it at someone else,
    “The only way”, that’s what one would think,
    Wanting to avoid the end a bullet to the brain brings,
    But I think I found the cheat code to this thing,
    You see, in life, if we don’t die, we suffer,
    So, gather all the strength and courage you can muster,
    To win “this” game, we must fire every round,
    And we might not end up six feet underground,
    Take the pistol and point it anywhere below your neck,
    It will all be over in just a sec,
    Ready? Pull the trigger!
    For every shot fired, sparks light up the gloom around us,
    Sure, the pain is unbearable, but believe me, it’s for the better,
    Fire the rest, more pain, losing blood, feeling light as a feather,
    Memories evoked, soon we’ll be together,
    Fearing that we might die,
    But we’re just leaving the pain in the past behind,
    Lights fading away…
    It was just a dream, open your eyes to just another regular day.

    Yours Truly,

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    With no risk there's no thrill that's what makes gambles so fun and its what makes games such as that so much funnier


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      Devo dizer que você escreveu um poema extraordinariamente comum para o mundo dos jogos. No entanto, se você está procurando os melhores jogos para android, então, você pode ir para a incrível plataforma onde você pode obter uma boa experiência de jogo sem pagar muito para os de cassino. O lucro seria o dobro do que nunca.