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  • Success

    Success is not about being the best.
    It's not about wealth or pay cheques.
    It's not even making people impressed.

    It's not being a parrot.
    It's not being a parent.
    It's not being transparent.

    It's not about winning the game
    It's not about fame or prestige
    It's not about making the big leagues

    Then what is it? If not those things?
    What's in your gut? When you really think?
    I see an idea. If you're stuck let me free ya.

    Success is dancing in the sun and in the rain.
    Doing what is fun, to maintain,
    love and lust, despite anything.
    Happiness and pain, are one and the same.
    Reflection of each other's, presence when it stays,
    or absence when delayed.

    Success is being able to express, sticking to your morals.
    When you're involved in quarrels, with boys or girls,
    strangers, friends and enemies, who will YOU be?
    What is your role in the world?
    Will you bend and break? Let the world make you fake?
    Formed to a mold, made to control your fate?
    "Work", "Consume", "Go at our pace"...
    "Get to work early, "stay at work late"
    Or will you deliberately create?
    People make mistakes, how do you take these lakes?
    Do you need to control what they know, or how they grow?
    However fast or slow, can you just wait?
    No matter who initiates, can you make life great?

    Success is being true to you, in a place that wants to break you.
    When they don't know how to take you. Not letting their hate shake you.

    Success is being YOUR best
    Making YOURSELF impressed
    Recognizing where you've been blessed.
    Success is loving your actions.
    Letting yourself feel satisfaction.