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  • Her: Him; Us;

    Her; -Fear

    Fear the drop the end the devils beam
    3 men into the street 1 Childs scream
    watch through the window horror's alive
    can't call the police so my soul I revive
    hear fears call and yet i run there way
    with a knife in my hand try to save the day
    There are 2 gunshots and i cannot breathe
    my life sole heart has been unsheathed

    Him; -Desperation

    yelling at home and I was sick
    held by behind I screamed ,kicked
    tried to run tried to breathe to live
    one bang then two what I'd give
    all of sudden I felt a rush of sweet air
    ran tuned the corner what a scare
    I found a lady was shot that night
    and every day I sware to do her right


    In the van back from ... well work
    wanting to live to continue a smirk
    Johnny stops to pick his kid up
    to scare him cover his mouth up
    scream pops out a women run in
    she has I knife shoot 1,2 sip gin
    Johnny got back in the van then
    we drank laughed and drank again

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    A woman was killed a child was freed and a criminal got away... Who tells the truth who tells there lie..

    (one of the three stories is false) (it was supposed to make you think but idk)


    • DepressingPoem
      DepressingPoem commented
      Editing a comment
      I just realized that Fear Depression and Alcohol spell out FDA woulda make a perfect title

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    Dark scenarios - all...and it would be difficult, in today's twisted society (or maybe any generation for all I know) to tell which is true and which is false. The whole idea depresses me, so I won't even try.

    As for the title, you can likely edit that if you go back in, but if not, and you'd like that done, I think I can do it as admin. I kind of like that you realized it after the fact though. I do that a lot of times with things I write and leave them as they first found me.