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  • Corona

    Just got vaccinated for my well-being.
    Combined in with some hygiene.
    They want me to keep it clean
    like COVID-19 created a crime scene.
    Now they got me signed in...
    Livin' life under quarantine.
    Fuck you mean?!

    Man, I'm sick of being locked up in this house.
    Got me looking pale like my name is Klaus.
    Got me scared, got me saying vows.
    Got me lonely, got me missin' spouse.
    Eating and drinking 'til I feel the drowse.
    Gotta stop this lockdown now.
    These hiccups is gettin' carried away.
    Now I'm drinkin' bottles and gettin' married today.
    Makin' noise while I'm drivin' our carriage astray
    But I'd rather die from a needle than a bat someday
    So Imma hit a home run all the way

    Smokin', coughin' like I got pneumonia
    Losing smells, where's the aroma?
    Yeah, I'm writin' 'bout corona
    Don't smirk and question me 'bout my persona
    Got me bottoms down, like I'm in a coma
    So bottoms up, it ain't no soda.
    "Government wanna control ya!"
    Like they supposed to put it on a diploma
    Tell me how crazy does that sound for ya?


  • #2
    It's only crazy if it doesn't align with reality...for far too many, this IS reality.

    Nice treatment of a frustrating situation! Keep posting!