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  • RhymeLovingWriter
    Truth can always be found. It's sometimes in the middle of extremes, but not always. It has to do with Love (the big "L" kind that Jesus gives).

    Not everyone is a believer. But I keep trying to be an honest and faithful witness anyway.

    That said - this is a perfect capture of the current situation for many - day in & day out. Kudos!

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  • DepressingPoem

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  • Bry89
    started a topic Left Or Right

    Left Or Right

    The angel or the devil
    Bloodshed or peace
    Charity or suffering
    What do you believe?

    Progress or destruction
    Democracy or hate
    Cowardice or honesty
    What is your pleasure?
    What is your pain?

    Conversations or arguments
    A war with words or elocution
    In this hard fight for the truth
    Nobody wins
    Logic in dissolution

    One side says this
    The other talks it down
    No matter who you agree with
    No truth can be found


    Simply politics and different issues on certain subjects pertaining it.