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My Progression with Love

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  • My Progression with Love

    Love was Fierce when Hormones Raged,
    Young back Then with Nothing Caged.
    Changed when Baby Girl was Born,
    Dirty Diapers was the Norm.

    Love Evolved in Many Ways,
    As we Faced the Building Days.
    Years Flew by but Still Together,
    Went through Good and Stormy Weather.

    Now we're Married Fifty-Four,
    Hope more Years for Us in Store.
    Love's still There Within us Both,
    Long Ago we Took an Oath.

    Is Amazing just to See,
    That She Still Puts Up With Me!!!!!!!!

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    Nailed it! Congratulations to you and your beautiful wife on another anniversary! We're at 41 years and it gets better every day. I wake up amazed that this wonderful man loves ME and I try to honor his commitment with my own in ways that bless us both.

    Keep rocking it! Now go out and celebrate!


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      Thank you so much - we both seem to be extremely fortunate with our choice of lifetime mates!!!!!