Mouths broken from tax
The circle bears a storm
We wait for spirits that hide
Lit from other fires

Waiting for hatred to relieve us
Stowing away suffering for glory
Having knelt beside our bed
Cocked battery lends till its dead

Insects act as if they are gods
Knowing at birth a fait
Aware their mothers were children
Children were their father’s flowers
Seeds laying in state

Flowers bloomed and dried
The sumac above the rose
Should not a forsaken root become the king?
Truth, a structure of pried

I know the dirty have always lied
Poor are the constant kept
The being that has never slept

But the wealthy are the poor
Clean on the surface but filthy inside

Slinging a noose for the ending, mankind
Second at best, nothing more

No forest should have ever invited us
To come from the sea
Waters pure of contempt
Yet the temples could not be clean

Without the blood of lives
Sacrifice is life, sacrifices are lies
The universe conceived all that flies
Also from dust
All that is born and all that dies

Tanning the skins to cover
The moon enchants wondering eyes
Pulling waters to recede and rise
Beauty of the lunar cycle
Teeth of men break, teeth of men grind
Clay is refired in the soul of the sun, refined

The blade should have never survived
Save, we’re still on the run
Except to sever Satan’s connection, Satan’s tongue

Choosing the goodness of being
Lancing a power of control
Strength between black and white
People of prayer, swinging the knife
Tears of the pregnant warrior’s wife

An ancient reality show
Morning winds that seasonally blow
A day that’s refreshingly new
Covering the spider’s spun silk
Diamonds, the summer’s last dew

Yet we continue to build
Trust in a murderous plan
Same old story, as a new story began
Many find secrets
Others a murderous clan

I prayed to this god
He delayed and I understand
Billions before surviving to die
Rest of the race disgraced and I

Have we not paid?
Suffer as if we’re enslaved
Going on and on
Even though I have loved tremendously
I have never felt saved