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    Who are these people in my head?
    One telling me that I’ll be alright,
    Telling me that everything is gonna be fine,
    The other telling me to prey to stay alive,
    Another telling me to get it if I want it to be mine,
    And another telling me to keep a smile even through the toughest times,
    But why?
    Where did you all come from?
    I know that you’ve all been around since I was a child,
    I know that you’ve all been there for a while,
    I was just too young so I couldn’t understand,
    I was just too young to understand,
    Been away for so long,
    So long since I’ve heard a bird sing its song,
    Emotional piano playing on the background,
    Bloody hands, wash them with the sky’s tears as it comes down,
    Steel bars separate us,
    Security guards degrade us,
    Stuck inside, dreams fade away,
    Pages from our mind torn day by day,
    Day by day, same routine,
    Trying to reach out through this computer screen,

    Yours Truly,

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    This is to good for any words i know


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      Honest introspection on full display here TKIAC.