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  • So you Went Ahead

    So you Went Ahead ( c ) Glen Mitton 2021

    So you went ahead and got vaccinated
    You must of been fascinated
    With all the science and the TV " jargon "
    " It will save lives "
    " Take it in stride " , LIVE!
    " Now that's a bargain "

    So You went ahead and made it a point
    And " NOT EVEN at gunpoint "
    To stand in line , " to adhere "
    You forgot what Daddy said
    That # 1 rule rammed your head
    " Never , never volunteer "

    Endorsed by the President
    It suddenly took precedence
    You were told it was your " Duty "
    And that is the evil beauty
    Who are you to question fate ?
    Turn your back , not to assimilate

    Subjected to a bouquet of ," Toyko Roses "
    That no one calls out , or exposes
    " Narcissistic Propagandists "
    " Teleprompted Turds " , from the enemies wish list !
    " Paid " traitors with no sense
    " Played " traitors with no defense

    Straight from the " mule's " lip
    "Fate " is now a guilt trip
    You let fear into your mind
    Leaving common sense behind
    Roosevelt's words , are forgotten
    Because now , " History is rotten " !

    In traditional " Commie-bastard " nostalgia
    They have taken everyone hostage
    " No entry , no travel , no commerce "
    Only if you bow down and are coerced "
    Put under their dirty thumb
    Laughing while they cock the gun

    Now YOU"RE a part of history
    And the real hard hitting facts , MISERY
    Healthy people will be quarantined ?
    The captors and guards unredeemed
    Evil is on a roll
    Evil takes it's toll

    So you went ahead and acted on , " Weasels who advocate "
    " Dealing with humanity " by knowing and wanting to " Eliminate " !
    You and those who succumbed
    Played right into their hand , how dumb !
    Who was dying or died pray tell ? , THOSE IN HOSPITALS !
    That one fact alone " Chronicles " !

    The Hippocratic oath ?
    Is now a stand alone joke
    " For the -> $AKE <- of Big Bucks and the BEDRIDDEN "
    " They have allowed medicine to be FORBIDDEN "
    They have come , " NOT TO HEAL " but to , " Snuff Our Rooster "
    All " Su-Satan " has to offer, is an array of Boosters

    Of course their plan has to be subtle
    They have to " rush to hush " the rebuttal
    I have one word and one word only
    It's called a " Placebo " honey
    Our " vaxed " elected officials ? , " So Chivalrous and Gallant "
    No ! , they aren't , because they are devils with talent "

    So with no help from you , you " fearless fanatics "
    You've flooded the basement and raised the roof off the attic
    Weakened the walls and the foundation
    Left the door wide open in desperation
    Aided all these criminals and psychopaths
    Helped them , " sum up " their " evil math "

    THEY have disgraced OUR PATRIOTS once again
    THEY are FOE not Friend , nor American
    THEY have conned masses into their" Manipulated Patsies "
    Who will become weak and nasty
    Maybe YOU'LL be lucky to have family near by
    Like so many WHO DIDN'T ! " , when THEY died !

    I see right thru this insidious attempt
    When "Certain People " are exempt
    If that isn't tyranny , then what's the definition ?
    What is YOUR " Pursuit of Happiness " condition ?
    You go ahead , take that " jab " for " Auld Lang Syne "
    Evil and their acquaintances will toast YOU by design

    So I've come up with a plan
    Like a true " Patriot " man
    A plan wrought with desire
    I plan to fight fire with fire
    After all I am the " Poetic Evil Slayer "
    From now on refer to me as a , Haitian "SAG member " basketball player !

    Haitian Creole :
    " Ay malere Yorick tire soti nan tèt la nan kle a ak nòt yo "
    English :
    " Alas poor Yorick shoots from the top of the key and scores ! "
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    Definitely reads like "rap" to that a type of poetry? It rhymes, but it's the incessant BEAT behind the words that strikes with this one.


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      Rap ? , Ahh no , just submitting a sarcastic boiling hot gravy keep'em smiling keep'em thinking it would hurt the guitar if you put these words to music kinda poem !