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  • what do you see

    life has no meaning why even try
    if no for empathy I'd roll over die
    sometimes life is gray whites black
    sometimes vibrant colorful reality *snap*
    what you see do you care for the spider
    your thoughts @RhymeLoveingWriter

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    Oh-ho - so I get to play too?

    When legs, ever longer, creep near to my toe
    believe when I say that one side has to go
    with smack or a "safe-out" (for both have been used)
    that stand-off, untenable, will be diffused

    All lives have a purpose - a meaning, I'd say
    with crossing of paths weaving webs of display
    for learning or leaving; for loving or hate
    for coloring purpose right out of the gate

    I veer toward the kinder and try in my way
    to write from the past toward a future-full day
    when lamb and the lion, plus adder and child
    bring best to the table of wisdom-gone-wild

    when God sets a purpose then lets you choose free
    some leave Him in dust, like a bad history
    some take Him to heart in a loving embrace
    and choices, all choices, then run out the race

    I see fields of wonder, yet scratch every itch
    inflicted by selfishness laundered in pitch
    I fall and I rise with apologies real
    for sins I've inflicted for others to feel

    God crafted the spiders and made all the men
    some say, in frustration, He should try again
    but breath in this body I'm gifted to use
    bows low for His glory with spirit unbruised

    I thank you, my friend, for request to opine
    from where I'm now viewing I'd say life is fine


    • DepressingPoem
      DepressingPoem commented
      Editing a comment
      You write like glass have full kinda person

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    Why thank you...that is how I try to see life...after many, many years of trodding an "Eeyore-ish" path (referencing Winnie the Pooh).