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  • DepressingPoem
    You really seem to be passionate about this kind of thing honestly I love this poetry style although I feel bad for people that are so broken they can be like that... to each there own I guess regardless great poetry

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  • Bry89
    started a topic Guilt


    Renew yourself
    Turn over a new leaf
    Your apologies
    Will the victims believe?

    A history of hatred
    And no self-respect
    When you say these words
    Laced with every tear
    What should you expect?

    You hate yourself
    For what you have done
    Reflect on your mistakes
    But they can't be undone

    Infamy will stay with you
    Until you're no longer at our sights
    A black mind poisoned with regret
    Living with the consequences
    But we won't be entertained
    By your lies

    See yourself in the mirror
    What do you see?
    What do you feel?
    Do you see the same old person
    That you were before?
    Or just an anomaly?

    Cry yourself to sleep if you must
    But you've only got yourself to blame
    You opened your mouth
    Before your mind can process
    So now remain in darkness
    Never to forgive yourself
    Never to face the world again


    This relates to another person that did wrong... disgraced Scottish comedian Janey Godley, when racist and abusive tweets she wrote years ago had resurfaced, which almost ended her career (and even dropped from the Scottish government's recent COVID-19 campaign). Since then, she's more or less disappeared from public life.

    I've no sympathy for her... she's a rotten egg anyway.