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Happy now I lost

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  • Happy now I lost

    hell my hell to witch I am bound
    ask for help can't make a sound
    prisoner to my own thoughts ideas
    playing her games for many eons
    yet still unable to win

    never play her game
    she controls all your actions
    regrets will follow

    Integrity compromised

    lulled into a deep dark place
    ongoing torment minds erase
    still I play her impossible game
    try to play and you'll be the same

  • #2
    Originally I was thinking of a mind game but now I can't help but think of ping-pong when I read it


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      Reads like an exercise in futility...with no stopping point.

      I didn't really get the ping-pong effect, even reading it aloud. It may have to do with how familiar the word choices are to you. I think it "sounds" fine.


      • DepressingPoem
        DepressingPoem commented
        Editing a comment
        I mean like ping-pong again