The empire of grievance and pain
All they do is fester and groan
Blaming someone else for your problems
Finding no fault of your own

When there is profession
There's always an arrogant mind
Make someone else look so weak and ashamed
By every small caustic lie

It goes on for years of no end
How can you get away with all this?
You may be laughing now, but soon you will fall
Down this deep black burning abyss
(Cracking right beneath you)

Grievance is what you only speak of
Deflection gets you nowhere

Grievance runs through the blood
Of the so-called elite and mighty
Karma will be their despair

As they flick out their tongues
This nation has run itself aground
To end this madness is not calls for resignation
Bur rather, if everything was shut down
(For the sake of our people, our country)

This is what the Scottish Parliament is all about these days, even under the wrong kind of government... and the last verse relates to a growing desire for it to be shut down for good. It's save us the money also.

Also, to quote Anas Sarwar (of Scottish Labour, and also leader): "The only thing the SNP are good at manufacturing is grievance", which is what inspired the title and content for this.