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Redesigning Humans

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  • Redesigning Humans

    As I’m nearing Seven-Six,
    Experience is In the Mix.
    Redesign for Human’s Sake,
    Here’s the Changes I would Make:

    Gas would Smell like Cotton Candy,
    That, alone, Would make Life Dandy.

    Skin Renewal through the Year,
    Spots and Wrinkles – Disappear.

    Arms would Number Four or More,
    Could accomplish any Chore.

    Hearts would Be held in Reserve,
    If one Fails – New One would Serve.

    Toes would Jingle when You Walk,
    All will Have so None will Gawk.

    Finger Nails that Sprout to Wings,
    Useful – sure – For many Things.

    Hair would Color Wild to Plain,
    With a Signal from Your Brain.

    Snot would Have a Chocolate Taste,
    Boogers then Marshmallow Based.

    Fat shall Turn to Muscle Brawn,
    Automatic before Dawn.

    A Third Set of Geezer Teeth,
    Pops Out late from Underneath.

    Ears would Blink in Day or Night,
    Signal turns for Left or Right.

    Now I need a Time Machine,
    Take me to Creation’s Scene.
    Place me There among the Able,
    Leading the Designer’s Table.

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    I can't imagine why the Almighty didn't incorporate some of those very useful ideas!!!


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      Retrofitting does not seem like an option - so I guess we are stuck with the original set up.